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On behalf of the company management, we want to congratulate you on a remarkable event: one year has passed since the moment
when Ethtrade launched its products online for broad masses of the people almost all over the world.
We celebrate not only the anniversary of the launch, but also the anniversary of excellent, harmonious and professional work of our company.
We are proud to say that we managed to achieve all this only through professional actions from both clients and the company's management.
Undoubtedly, this year we have come a long way that is measured in tens and hundreds of thousands of working hours of a huge number
of employees, and happy customers around the globe.
During this period, a huge amount of work was done, serious obstacles were overcome on the way of becoming our company as a stable
and business partner.
However, as the saying goes, there is no limit to perfection. Moreover, you have probably noticed that the Ethtrade does not stand still,
it's only just beginning to gain further momentum.
For this year, there were both positive events, and not entirely pleasant moments.
Nevertheless, we all understand that the way to the stars is not in an accessible place, it runs through difficulties.
There were these complexities that forced the company and all its employees to look for non-standard solutions for problems arising in our path.
We were able to confirm the high level of professionalism and the quality of service that we offer. A striking confirmation of these words are
thousands of people who have chosen us as loyal companion to achieve their goals and the most incredible dreams.

We are delighted to announce a lottery among customers. Through the website we will
randomly select 50 usernames of our website users
and credit each of them with a bonus of $500.

Ethtrade is not only trading, ICO, investments and cryptocurrencies,  there are also people with their great desire to make us a great prosperous
company that will delight and surprise for many years.

We want to remind you that investment in cryptocurrency and ICO increases not only earnings but also risk. Therefore, by trading independently
or investing in ICO and our platform you have to act consciously and take all risks of losses.
Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you. With no your support, our company just would not have taken place, or at least
didn't reach the heights that we were able to achieve together by doing a big way. Thank you very much!
Ethtrade is grateful to all of you! Congratulations on the anniversary of excellent work!
Ethtrade - the future is here!

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