How to Connect the Altcoin Trading Bot to Poloniex

      Open your account on the  poloniex.com website

                    bot on poloniex

      Choose API KEYS > Click 'Create New Key' > The apiKey and apiSecret will be shown
      Open your Trading Software > Settings > Choose 'Poloniex' > COPY apiKey and apiSecret to the software
      Choose and retype a password and Click 'Save to XML' and close the form

hset up altcoin trading bot
        That is all you need to connect your trading bot to your account. Very Easy !
dash bitcoin doge
                    trading robot
      If you have a balance of any coins in your poloniex account you will see them already
      In the account above there are balances of BTC and DOGE.
      Choose 'Market' dropdown menu and change to any other coins you want to trade

In times of a bull market like we experience im April 2017 ping pong trading works fine but what to do when a Market Devaluation happens ?
      During a general market devaluation phase (Bear Market) you will lose money. Stop using robots if you don't have time
      to study the markets.
      After you stop using the robot you will notice that you will lose money the same. (Because it's not Altcoin Robot's fault
      when you loose money)
      A manual Sell of some currencies in BTC could be a good idea when altcoins crash.

dasholator trading bot
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